Does it makes sens to make an ACP on pourcentages

Hello, i am doing a project for school.
I have two data frame.
One with the absence or presence of 10 different fish species in 200 different lake.
One with 8 different variable. the mean, the highest and the lowest temperature of the last three month on the lake, the pop density on the lake, the pourcentage of three around, of culture around, of artificial soil, and grass. So the last 4 variables are pourcentage, if you had them its going to be a 1. So this 4 variables are not indépendant :frowning:

Does it still make sense To do an ACP ???? (And an AFD and a CCA) On this 8 variables ?

How bad is it
Cause I just realized it and we have To give MY report tomorrow LOL

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