Does figure size in Quarto (.qmd) documents in RStudio need to be specified twice?

I use Quarto .qmd documents in RStudio. I want to see the correct-size figures in both RStudio .qmd document and in the rendered HTML document. I need to change the size of a figure in a particular cell (the figure has a non-default size). It seems that RSutdio .qmd code cell does not respond to #| fig-height: 28 syntax for inline plots (for rendered documents it behaves as expected). Is this RStudio behaviour expected for inline plots?

I tried mixing both Rmd and qmd syntax for figure size specification. So, as I understand, I have to use {r fig.width=4, fig.height=4} syntax for the correct size of inline plots and #| fig-height: 28 syntax (which is portable between different Quarto formats) for rendered plots in HTML output.


  1. Are my ideas correct about specification of the same parameter two times?
  2. Please, give a link to the place where this behaviour (using both syntaxes) is documented to find out about this more.
    RStudio Edition : Desktop [Open Source]
    RStudio Version : 2022.12.0.354
    OS Version      : Windows 10 x64 (build 19045)
    R Version       : R version 4.2.2 (2022-10-31 ucrt)

It shouldn't be necessary, the problem is that RStudio doesn't respect YAML-style chunk options (with a hyphen instead of a dot). This deficiency has already been reported on the GitHub repository (by a Posit employee) but has not been addressed. Comment/up-vote there to help get attention from the developers.


So just to be clear, currently we do have to set fig dimensions twice for each and every plot?

I think it is easier to just use rmarkdown style options once

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