Does devtools require Rtools?


I am a beginner in R, so the following question may be a stupid one.

I want to install an old package (maps) so that I can use the function (trip). The problem I am facing is that to install old packages I need Devtools, and this package will not work without Rtools. The problem with Rtools is that it will not work on the new version of Rstudio (3.5.2) and I need this version for my other packages.

Is there an easier way to install old packages in Rstudio?

Old package are available as source package (.tar.gz) and needs to be compiled on windows.
You can install Rtools from CRAN and there install your package from source. devtools is just an helper :package:, you don't need it to install a :package: from source, only Rtools.

I am not sure to understand what is the problem here :thinking: Rtools is available for R 3.5.2 too :

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