Does anyone else have problems with building R Markdown to PDF on Windows?

I'm asking because this rmarkdown issue was too hard for me to reproduce (with the latest CRAN version, v1.9, of rmarkdown): From the OP, it seems the default R Markdown example created from the RStudio IDE (File -> New File -> R Markdown) would just fail to render to PDF. I tried all sorts of possibilities on Windows but just could not reproduce the error.

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This may not be helpful, but I am not able to reproduce this error on my Windows 10 system either with rmarkdown v1.9 and r v3.4.3. So you are not the only one.


Okay, 2:2 now. Thanks! :fist_right:

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I just tried after installing install.packages(c('rmarkdown', 'tinytex')) from CRAN.

The pdf file is created without issue on windows 10 too.