Documentation/articles on setting up RStudio Connect with SLURM/LSF

Can someone help me locate articles/documentation around implementing RStudio Connect on HPC (SLURM/LSF)?

Thank you in advance.

RStudio Connect does not provide any direct connection to a SLURM or LSF cluster. However, you can interact with these cluster management software from the running R (or python) process in the same way you would do for a local R (or python) process. For example, you could write the batch files manually and use system() to call the appropriate command. Or you could use a package like batchtools.


Thanks for the information, Seems like our environment is already integrated with LSF.

I am new to RStudio and shiny apps, I was trying to find shiny app examples where they were launched on HPC with no success.
Can you please redirect me to the right examples.

What do you mean by

shiny app examples where they were launched on HPC

? If you want the R process supporting the Shiny application to run on HPC, then this is currently not possible. That's what I meant with "no direct connection". This is different to RStudio Server Pro, where it is possible to execute the R session itself on a cluster (with Slurm and Kubernetes being provided out of the box).

However, you can have the R process supporting the Shiny application run alongside RStudio Connect and within that R process start an HPC job either "manually" (write batch file and call system()) or via a package such as batchtools. Have you seen the webinar Scaling Data Science with R at Janssen Pharmaceuticals - Posit? Between minute 18 and 21 such an example is presented.