Dockerised R - Fail Build on Unit Test Fail

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I've got a Dockerised R app and would like to run testthat unit tests on it during the Docker build phase. If the tests fail, I want the build phase to fail too. I've tried to run the tests as so (I've written a test that purposely fails):

RUN R -e "setwd('/srv/shiny-server/testFrontend')" \
    -e "library(testthat)" \
    -e "test_dir(getwd(), reporter=SummaryReporter)"

But as you can see in the Docker build output, I get a successful build:

Step 6/8 : RUN R -e "setwd('/srv/shiny-server/testFrontend')"     -e "library(testthat)"     -e "test_dir(getwd(), reporter=SummaryReporter)" &&     sudo chmod -R 777 /srv/shiny-server/testFrontend
 ---> Running in 99acfb7b75d7
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> setwd('/srv/shiny-server/testFrontend')
> library(testthat)
> test_dir(getwd(), reporter=SummaryReporter)
testing the stuff: .1
══ Failed ══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════
── 1. Failure: earthquakes contains expected names (@test_get_earthquakes.R#15) 
Names of `earthquakes` ('time', 'latitude', 'longitude', 'depth', 'mag', 'magType', 'nst', 'gap', 'dmin', 'rms', 'net', 'id', 'updated', 'place', 'type', 'horizontalError', 'depthError', 'magError', 'magNst', 'status', 'locationSource', 'magSource') don't match 'time', 'latitude', 'longitude', 'depth', 'mag', 'magType', 'nst', 'gap', 'dmin', 'rms', 'net', 'id', 'updated', 'place', 'type', 'horizontalError', 'depthError', 'magError', 'magNst', 'status', 'locationSource'
══ DONE ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════
Removing intermediate container 99acfb7b75d7
 ---> 1c7e06bd00fd
Step 7/8 : EXPOSE 3838
 ---> Running in 5cf5a750f64f
Removing intermediate container 5cf5a750f64f
 ---> 6b9fed73d449
Step 8/8 : CMD ["/usr/bin/"]
 ---> Running in b29f0add7b36
Removing intermediate container b29f0add7b36
 ---> 0eadad63264c
Successfully built 0eadad63264c

Not sure if this is the appropriate forum but it seems to be testthat not actually returning an error.

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Well, for anyone interested - I solved this by using the stop_on_failure=TRUE flag as so:

test_dir(getwd(), stop_on_failure=TRUE)
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Yay! Glad it worked out.

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Literally did that as you sent it!

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Two ships in the night! :ship:

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