Docker with Rstudio RPostgresql connection string timeout

Dear All,

I am very new to Docker.
I am using windows OS.
I have R code which runs on Rstudio pretty well without any issues.
working of R Code explanation as follows:-
I am performing real time analytics(sensor Domain).
As per Post request from angular calls ,r code connect to postgre database via connection string using Rpostgresql package,code snippet as follows:-
psql <- DBI::dbDriver("PostgreSQL")
con <- DBI::dbConnect(psql,
dbname = "XXXXXX_cotton",
host = "",
port = 5432,
user = "time",
password = 'series')
This will result for fetching the data from database perform complex calculations in R studio and send to the angular side for displaying.
Till now it was working fine.
Now the Problem starts from here:-
I have created Docker file for same Rcode.
pull the Rstudio image from Rockerdocker with version of 3.61
Image of file get created.
When i am running the image of this container work fine till 5 minutes it gave same output as same R studio R code gaves to me.
But when after some time i.e after 10 mins of image file running it gaves me following error.
error as follows:-

RS-DBI driver: (could not run statement: server closed the connection unexpectedly This probably means the server terminated abnormally before or while processing the request. ).

Then i again restart the container and its work fine for sometime but it again gives the same error above.

Note:the Database is non contanerized which is running on same computer.
I tried lot of approaches but non of working
Kindly help me to resolve the typical issue.

Thanks And Regards
Wishy Verma

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