Docker RStudio Server hangs on startup

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We're upgrading from RStudio 1.2 to 1.4 running in Docker.

The base image moves from rocker-versioned to rocker-versioned2 as our base.

We add a few extra packages for the users


On startup of 1.4:

  • The first session starts fine and loads in quickly

  • Starting a second session in another browser brings the "taking along time to load" page up, rather than disconnecting the first session.

  • If you close the first browser, the error persists

  • Long running sessions work fine, but then if you close your browser and try to get back in, you're unable to start any RStudio sessions

Things I've tried

  • Deleting ~/.config/rstudio/
  • Purging anything related to RStudio 1.2 (e.g. we were using Conda)

Things I've not be able to try

  • rstudio-server verify-installation doesn't work because S6 overlay keeps the server process started

Happy to provide more information if I've missed anything!

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