Docker Container with R --disable-long-double

I have some package tests that tripped up do to double precision checks on CRAN (the last bullet point of sec 1.6 on I'd like to check that my fixes are working as expected and safeguard against this in future iterations, but don't have a ready image of R built without long-double support. None of the rocker-org Docker images look to be built this way. Has anyone done the work to create such a container image (or a Vagrant box, for that matter)?

I'd be happy with local testing, though I'd ideally like to add this to my build matrix on Travis for more long term testing.

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Following up on this thread, I was able to cobble a working Docker container based off of the rocker R-devel base image. My working Dockerfile is at Not fancy, but it works.

Note that while the CRAN supplemental checks page for noLD ( lists configuring with --without-long-double, when I used that flag on this image I would still get double support listed in capabilities(). I had to put in --enable-long-double=no to disable double support. Perhaps a difference in the tool chain? Would love insight on this point.


For info for anyone reading this now, there's now a platform of the R-hub package builder that has long doubles disabled.

You can use its online version,

rhub::check(<pkg-path>, platform = "debian-gcc-devel-nold") 

Or run a local check if your OS is not Windows,

rhub::local_check_linux(<pkg-path>, image = "rhub/debian-gcc-devel-nold")

More info about rhub


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