Do we need floating license for our use case?

We are examining whether we need to use floating licenses as opposed to standard licences we currently have.

We plan to create a cluster of RStudio Server instances which means we would apply same license to multiple instances.

Quote from

“Floating licenses can be required in environments where servers often shut down without deactivating the license. This scenario is most common with ephemeral backends such as Docker containers. “

We are not using docker containers but we may launch additional instances, stop or terminate existing instances.

Does this make it necessary to have floating licenses?
Would appreciate your input.

Hi @Dariush,

Great question! We generally recommend using standard licenses because they're easier to manage. Most customers, even if they are launching and stopping additional instances, use the standard licenses.

Generally, floating licenses are needed only if several instances will be going up and down a lot (e.g. daily). If it's just going to be occasionally adding or removing an instance to or from the cluster, we'd recommend standard licenses.

Hope that's helpful!

Thank you Alex. We take your advise and go with stanndard license unless we run into any complication.

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