Do i need word n-gram method

I'm very new to text-mining and i want to ask question about it please
i will develop web-based application by using of text mining with R. this time i collect information about it and i will use (word cloud, word frequency plot, topic clustering plot,trend and co-occurrence) I have read a lot about them but i still confusing.

my question is do i need word n-gram method in any above plots or not? if yes any of them?

Hi Rawan,

I'm confused by your question. What do you mean by word n-gram method in a plot?


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I'm so sorry for that.
i mean by above question i will use the code of this from R (word cloud, word frequency... etc), are any of this code apply word n-gram concept or not.

Yes, if you use in any case pairs of word.

  • word cloud could be done without it. Could be done with it, if you want to visualize word pairs.
  • word frequency plot could be done without it. Could be done with it, if you want to visualize most frequent bi-grams.
  • I don't know, what do you mean by topic clustering plot, but I think, that even if you'll need n-grams there, you won't notice it, since computer will do all work for you.
  • Trend. I didn't get what do you mean. Sorry.
  • Co-occurrence. It could be done without n-grams, just analyzing how often particular pair of word co-occure in the same sentence/clause/string.

But if you think about learn about word n-grams or not, I'd propose to do it. It is really easy concept. And there is a beautiful tidytext package and nice book about it.


Thank you very much agricolamz

i understood from your answer