Do I need to deploy the data source along with code to

I read the data from local files in shiny app.

When i deployed the app, there is warning like: Error in normalizePath: path[1]="E:\XX\XX\XX\data.feather": No such file or directory.

And in the web, it says: ERROR: An error has occurred. Check your logs or contact the app author for clarification.

Do i need to deploy the data source i used in app along with the code to Or what should i do?

looking forward to u guys' help

In short: yes you need to deploy any data you have either in the main directory of the app or in a sub-directory and reference it with relative paths. See the documentation.

You could also consider storing the data in some sort of cloud storage system (DropBox, Google Drive/Sheets, etc.). See here for more info on that option.


thanku so much for your help. i will read the documents and try to solve the problem.

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