Do i need a commercial licence if only I am using it and will not be changing source code.


I would like to know if i can use rstudio the free version to load in an excel file, manipulate the data like you would in excel just more efficiently and then export the results back into a excel sheet after it has been sorted and organised?

Do i need a commercial licence if i am part of a manufacturing enterprise but we do not use Rstudio in any other place in the enterprise. I would only be using rstudio's functions in the place of excel to sort and organise data. I do not intend to sell any code or change anything related to source code. I would only be using rstudio to do a repetitive task faster and more accurately basically.

Any help would be great?

Rstudio IDE is available as an open source download, with AGPL v3 license. I'm not your lawyer, but from what you say and how it seems to me, you won't have any trouble.

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