Distill submodules

OK, so I'm taking the break to move my research laboratory over from Hugo::Academic (house of cards) to distill (more streamline). I've made a nice distill site (blog) and have been able to create listings for both blog posts as well as manuscripts and software (r and swift packages).

I've got a few research manuscripts that are distill::articles that I'd like to put under this HOWEVER, each of these are rather large (I keep all of the data with the manuscript, etc.) and thought it might be a bit too much for placing a bunch of those kinds of articles under the website repository. I'm trying to keep the overall website to be as light weight as possible. The only way I can think around this is to have the individual manuscripts as GIT SubModules. Any drawbacks to this? Any other approaches that I'm not thinking about?

Thanks and have a wonderful holiday,


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