Distill References do not work


I am trying to write a report in work and produce a distill article from it
I have several references I use in the text and call it using the bibliography: biblio.bib
I am using Zotero as my bib manager.
However i get the error

Error in system(command, intern = TRUE) : 'pandoc-citeproc' not found
Calls: ... pandoc_citeproc_convert -> with_pandoc_safe_environment -> force -> system
Execution halted

I have installed Pandoc so that seems not to be the issue

I have seen the issue on github within the distill project but i was wondering if anyone has seen it before and if you have a work around

Thank you for your time

I have installed Pandoc so that seems not to be the issue

Just to be sure as pandoc-citeproc is another binary and not the same as pandoc. Is it the pandoc version shipped with RStudio ?
on my system, pandoc-citeproc is with RStudio pandoc

#> [1] "pandoc-citeproc.exe"      "Pandoc User's Guide.html"
#> [3] "pandoc.exe"

Or is it a custom install ?

Hi @cderv

Thank you for your quick reply
When i run the code you have placed in your question, I get the same results
I should mention, I do not have admin rights on the laptop....could this be a factor?


I thing this is a bug as I can reproduce. Con you confirm that you are on windows ?
confirm this is a bug in rmarkdown that impact distill which tries to call pandoc-citeproc directly.

I opened an issue in rmarkdown


Hi @cderv

I am on windows and was able to reproduce it on my home laptop as well
Thank you for creating the bug report, that was very kind of you


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