distill re-rendering previous posts with rss: full_content set to true?

I'm (relatively) new to distill and am running into some issues knitting posts when I set rss: full_content: true in my _site.yml file. Say I have 3 posts (post A, post B, post C), and I knit post A first, then post B, then post C.

My issue is that, when I knit post B (recall that I've already knit post A), it will knit B and then will re-knit A. And this continues forward, such that when I knit C, it will knit B and A, etc. It seems that this behavior only happens when rss: full_content: true is set; when I set it to false and then knit post B, post A is not re-knit.

Is this typical behavior? Or is there some setting I'm missing here?

I don't really know how to provide a reprex for this -- the repo for this project is https://github.com/ekholme/ee-website if anyone cares to fork and attempt to knit the first few posts.

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