dissolve polygon in the shapefile

Dear R users,
I have one shape file, now I want to dissolve internal state boundaries. I did it, but still I could not dissolve the entire internal state boundaries.
(DOTS are appearing, see the attached plot).
Screenshot 2020-09-06 at 12.30.34 AM

For dissolving the internal boundaries, I used

m = st_read("NorthRegion.shp")
(st_union(m$geom)) -> m1
as(st_geometry(m1), "Spatial") -> nc_sp
as(nc_sp, "SpatialPolygonsDataFrame") -> X1

please let me know how can I remove dots in the shape files?

I can not be absolutely certain without access to your "NorthRegion.shp" file, but for removing artefacts like yours I had good result with nngeo::st_remove_holes() in the past.

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Thank You so much. It worked.

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I am glad it did! :slight_smile:

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