Display single-page shiny app name instead of app.R in the RStudio IDE tabs?

Frequently, I create multiple single-page apps within the same project. As a result, it's possible that I have multiple apps opened in the IDE at the same time. Unfortunately, this results in each of them being displayed as app.R in every tab. When I hover over the tab, I can see the full path name. In addition, each of them receive their own app folder which is appropriately named.

Is it possible to display the app name instead of app.R for single-page shiny apps?

In the pic below, what I would like as an option is to have the display names be, brushing.R and linked_brushing.R -- or even brushing_app.R and linked_brushing_app.R.


A more general solution to this problem (which I've got too) would be to do what Sublime and other editors do. If you have multiple tabs open with the same name, it prefixes with directories until there's something unique. In the OP's case, the tabs would be called brushing/app.R and linked_brushing/app.R.

This would be a very helpful change. Thanks!