Display of labels in Plotly in Shiny App

I have built a shiny app and in the output I have an issue with the appearance of the labels. The problem is that the box that appears when I click on the bar, the box does not appear completely. I have tried modifying the width and height of the graphs. The code is reproduced below. The entire screen's screenshot and the screenshot of the box not appearing completely is also attached below.

tabPanel(title = "Enumerator-wise checks",
                 column(6,div(style='width:1000px; overflow-x: scroll;height:500px;overflow-y: scroll;',
                              plotlyOutput("plot6",width = 1000,height = 700))),
                 column(6,(div(style='width:1000px;overflow-x: scroll; height:500px;overflow-y: scroll',
                               plotlyOutput("plot7",width = 1000,height = 700)))),
                 column(6,(div(style='width:1000px;overflow-x: scroll;height:500px;overflow-y: scroll',
                               plotlyOutput("plot8",width= 1000,height=700)))),
                 column(6,div(style='width:1000px; overflow-x: scroll;height:500px;overflow-y: scroll',
                              plotlyOutput("plot9",width = 1000,height = 700)))

my first thought here is that any fluidrow cannot contain more than 12 column widths; you have asked for 6*4 = 24; this could lead to undesirable behaviour.
are you wanting to make 4 charts side by side ; if so try column(3, instead;
if you want two rows then you need to add another fluidrow and move half the columns into that.

Yes I have to create 4 charts side by side. I will try what you suggested.

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