Display in R markdown the name and the description of an endpoint (in swagger API)

Hello fellow R users,

I have built an R Markdown and a swagger API. I am trying to find a way to get and display the name and the description of an endpoint (contained in the swagger API) in R Markdown without writing them manually.
Does somebody have an idea of how to proceed ?

Thank you in advance,

Something along those lines?

# Parse plumber OpenAPI json

pr <- pr() |> pr_get("sum", sum, description = "An endpoint")

spec <- pr$getApiSpec()
# or spec <- jsonlite::parse_json("your_api_doc_json_file_url")

endpoints <- names(spec$paths)
descriptions <- vapply(spec$paths, \(x){x[[1]][["description"]]}, character(1), USE.NAMES = FALSE)


This is very helpful! Thank you! :slight_smile:

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