Display Count of rows in dataframe

Hi, I want to display the count of rows of a data frame in the HTML

The ui variable is set like this:

ui <- fluidPage(

my server function is this:

server <- function(input, output, session) {

  dataset_games <- reactive({
    dataset_games <-  dbGetQuery(con, query_games_today)

output$df_games_today <- renderTable({

  output$games_count <- renderText({
    dataset_games <- dbGetQuery(con, query_games_today)
    games_count <- nrow(dataset_games)

Is there a way to get the nrow for the data frame "df_games_today" without having to run the dbGetQuery twice? Total newbie here to shiny so I apologize in advance. I'm former web developer that is now a data engineer and I'm working hard on figuring out this R syntax.

 output$games_count <- renderText({

That did it! Thank you sir!

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