Display a data frame in viewer R

I have a simple data frame that I want to display in the viewer. I succeed by using the gt package but it require a version of R which bother me for the rest of my code.

Anyway, i have this data frame :

that I want in an image format for example, gt package give me this result :

Satisfying result if there was no problem of R version. I hope I was clear and you will be able to help me. Thank you for your time.

which version of R are you aiming to use ?

I have to use 3.6.1 version and it requires 4.1.2 version

There should be no issue with that.
Just now I downloaded R3.6.1,
If you are on windows it will be important to also install Rtools 35 (although stringi took such a long time for me to compile from source I've opted to download the binary )

I ran the following commands in the console


Thank you it seems great! do you know what is the instruction to download automatically the output in the viewer?

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