Disconnected from server message with source code

For a class I'm TAing, my professor asked me to reconfigure a Shiny app because the one they were currently using had issues with too much traffic. I haven't worked with Shiny before so I started by adding some small things like a save button but when I deployed the app to shinyapps.io I would get a greyed out screen and "disconnected from server" almost immediately. After trying to adjust the code for a few days, I attempted to deploy the source code for the first app and received the same "disconnected from server" message.

Does anyone know where I can look to possibly solve this? I've dug through the Shiny help pages and haven't been able to find any solutions.

always start by reading the logs, looking out for error messages.
look into rsconnect::showLogs() function

Using that function only showed:
2024-02-16T06:27:43.377682+00:00 shinyapps[11228669]: Warning in .recacheSubclasses(def@className, def, env) :
2024-02-16T06:27:43.381732+00:00 shinyapps[11228669]: undefined subclass "ndiMatrix" of class "replValueSp"; definition not updated
and I can't seem to figure out what this means as none of these classes or functions are in the original code.

Also, the same error occurs when I use the source code (which works correctly in the original link). I've followed the troubleshooting pages for this and all of those solutions haven't been able to fix the source code or the modified code. My app and the source app (when run from my shinyapps.io account) disconnect almost as soon as I open them or as soon as I input files into them.

this is something that was introduced into Matrix package a few months ago :
R: News for R Package 'Matrix' (r-project.org)

  • New nonvirtual class ndiMatrix, extending virtual classes diagonalMatrix and nMatrix, for nonzero pattern diagonal matrices. It is used to represent the result of is.na, is.nan, is.infinite applied to diagonalMatrix, as well as diagonal boolean products. Coercions as(<diagonalMatrix>, "nMatrix") now give ndiMatrix instead of ntCMatrix. The latter can for now still be obtained by coercing to nsparseMatrix instead of nMatrix.
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