Discolouration on RSConnect QuickStart app

App hosted via RSConnect in QuickStart VM.

Full colour on local access (i.e., http://localhost:5000/rsconnect/my_app), but grey scale on remote access (i.e., http://xx.xx.xxx.xx:5000/rsconnect/my_app/).


Hahaha interesting!! You have found some wild issues!! :rofl: Thanks for the reports!! And the great screen-grabs.

First off - we definitely don't advise setting up remote access for the QuickStart, as it's meant to be a local toy / playground. In any case, is the client / remote computer being used here (that features grayscale) the same as the computer showing full color? Emojis are a different beast than normal coloration because any given computer may not support the full "fonts" that represent "all emojis."

If you notice, the emojis do not just change to grayscale. They also change size / shape / etc. I suspect that is because the more complex emoji has been simplified to a more generic (which also happens to be colorless). Looking at the actual representation of the object would make it more clear (but I am not exactly sure offhand how to do that).

If you want to test actual colorization, I would recommend building a plot (which Shiny typically presents as a png) or other colorized image. I would expect the grayscale issue not to show up there. I definitely think fonts on the client computer (i.e. rendering the emojis client-side) is the problem you're seeing here.

Indeed, other apps hosted in RSC display fine; just this emoji one.

I swear I didn't pick this on purpose :slight_smile:

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