Disabling splash screen under RStudio 2022.12

The new 2022.12 release of Rstudio desktop added a splash screen that comes up when the IDE is loading. This is super brief on my system and I'd very much like to disable what looks more like a graphical glitch than any sort of useful branding. Add no splash check by timtmok · Pull Request #12117 · rstudio/rstudio · GitHub mentions a RS_NO_SPLASH envvar, but I'm not sure how to set that for a MacOS GUI app. Attempts to put this in my shell environment have no effect and as does messing with launchctl on my Monterey system. I'm afraid this may involve plist hackery, which I'm not eager about.

Any better solutions, short of an option in RStudio itself to disable this annoyance?

I’ll take a look. You reopened iTerm or Terminal after changing .zshrc, right?

Later: I'm running 2022.12.0 Build 353 under Ventura on an M1 with no envvvar, but I do not get a splash screen and can't recall having seen one. Don't think I did anything to achieve that, however.

Update: changed theme to dark, and now I see it. Guess I was expecting a logo as part of a splash. This just looked like it was loading.

Thanks! Yes, if I have that variable set (zshrc) an open via the command line open /Applications/Rstudio.app, the splash screen doesn't appear. It does still appear when launching via the GUI though (using the Dock, spotlight, or going to the Applications folder via Finder). If you have any ideas, please let me know!

I missed your update when replying, @technocrat . Here's a quick screengrab (movie) of what I see. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pJRODCpEZWw79-DXmhXZOBTo1XV_Iok-/view?usp=share_link This was added in with Add a startup splash screen for long loads by timtmok · Pull Request #12073 · rstudio/rstudio · GitHub.

Apple has made setting environment variables for GUI apps infuriatingly difficult, and with each new release of macOS they've managed to break whatever people were using to do it with the previous release, so the correct approach depends on your macOS version and willingness to edit XML by hand while questioning your life choices. This StackOverflow article has a pretty good roundup of the various approaches:

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