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we are using the Rstudio Open Source Version(1.1.453) on a Ubuntu 18.04 System. We try to secure the system and would like to disable the Terminal Tab (even System commands are still possible).
i checked out this link https://docs.rstudio.com/ide/server-pro/latest/r-sessions.html#feature-limits
and saw that its possible to disable it in /etc/rstudio/rsession.conf file with 'allow-shell=0', but the terminal tab is still showing. As the Link contains 'server-prod' , is it only available in the pro version?

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Even if you disable the terminal tab, users can still run system commands from R with any of these functions, if they have permissions.

  • system
  • system2
  • shell
  • shell.exec

I think you should secure your server by setting access permissions per group and adding your user's accounts to those groups.

@andresrcs thanks for your response. Yep we know that, but it would be nice if there would be no terminal tab. Do you know if this feature is available in the community Version

The section is tagged as "PRO" so I would guess not

That's correct, the fine-grained controls allowing this (and most everything else in Feature Limits) to be disabled are only in the pro version of RStudio Server.

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