Disable rendering of notebook on publishing to Posit Connect

I am currently publishing a Jupyter Notebook to a Posit Connect server in our organization. This is done through a Azure DevOps pipeline; we cannot publish directly to the server.

This notebook needs to be refreshed daily. The processes behind it take a while to run, so I would like to avoid the notebook running each time I run the pipeline to publish. Is it possible to avoid running the notebook directly when publishing and to only have it running/rendering on the schedule set on the server?

I looked at the different options for creating manifest.json using rsconnect write-manifest notebook, but I could not find anything related. Any other options to accomplish this?

Unfortunately, there isn't a simple way to publish a document without executing it, so the easiest thing to do is probably to revise your pipeline so that it only redeploys the notebook when its source has been modified.

Some possibilities for decoupling the uploading files of to the server from executing the document are discussed in this example.

OK, thanks. I will look into that.

We are running into a similar issue with Rmd. I just wanted to confirm that there is no way to publish an Rmd but skip the initial deploy/render, and then go into Connect and set a schedule for the first (and subsequent) renders?

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@nwoodward That is correct. This is not something Connect supports today, however we hope to support it in the future. It is a popular feature request.