Disable dataframe variable preview popup

I am struggling to get rid of this dataviewer popup whenever I type in a variable and wait for a few seconds. It's distracting and quite unnecessary to me. Anyway to disable this popup? Also unclear as to what it's called.


I had the problem with this feature as well.
In case of nested dataframe with large amount of data, the preview completely freezes the console and the only thing I can do is to restart the RStudio.

I have accidentally recognized it when I wanted to print glimpse() of the nested dataframe.
I started to type the name of the dataframe, then autocomplete suggested the name with preview, I hit enter and then pipe and glimpse.
Nothing happened, no "stop" button on top of the console, I had to restart the RStudio.

When I pasted the name of the dataframe from source, then it normally printed, glimpse worked as well.

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I would ideally like to turn this preview off completely, but it seems like this "feature" is here to stay. Could they not have at least made it transparent so that I can see the code underneath?


Is there really no solution to this issue? Why this was implemented in the first place anyway?

I would also like to be able to turn off preview/popup features. It causes terrible slow downs on my laptop and often I have to force restart.

Edit: I notice this issue particularly with any data.frames with list columns. I also have similar issues when I View() data.frames with list colums; a new tab opens but the preview fails to render and my R session hangs

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Same problem here; when I start typing $ in an object with large list columns RStudio hangs as it tries to apparently generate a preview of the object itself.

As a temporary solution, you can go to tools > Global Options > Code > Completion and then set "Show code completions" to either "Never" or "Manually (tab)" and this will at least stop the preview/popup feature when typing $. But, it also turns off all the other autocomplete features (or requires manual use of Tab, which is what I went with), which isn't terrible but not great either; Seems like users should be able to control autocomplete of code (e.g. suggesting group_by when you start typing gr) separately from the preview / popup feature given the seemingly buggy nature of the popup/preview feature when large objects are in play

I too would like to turn it off completely, seems like a feature added for the sake of adding new features. Does not help at all for reasonably sized dataframes just barely with toy examples.

This feature is really annoying, since I use a lot of table() function and now I always preview dataframes that are not loaded into the env.

My suggestion would be an option to preview only functions; or to preview only dataframes loaded in the env.

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