Directed Network Analysis


I wish to analyse my dataset using a network analysis but my data doesn't fit the standard format that I have seen in examples especially the igraph package e.g.

My data consists of prescription drug claims and the format is Prescriber -> Patient -> Pharmacy

Below is a sample of the data I have:

sample <- data.frame(prescriber = c("DocA","DocA","DocA","DocB","DocC"), patient = c(123,123,345,567,890), pharmacy = c("ABC","ABC","XYZ","XYZ","XYZ"))

I've tried googling how to analyse this type of data but I don't know even how to describe it, I've tried multi tier directed network, multigraphs, muti level graphs but I can't find any examples.

I tried looking for similar uses cases such as flight data where I have an origin, a stopover and a final destination but I've had no joy.

Is it possible to analyse such data with mutiple levels i.e. prescriber to patient to pharmacy using R?

Thanks in advance


Have you looked into dagitty and ggdag for directed graphs and analysis?
Vignette ggdag


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Not yet but I will do, thanks for pointing these packages out.

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