digest Package turns me crazy - need help urgently

Hi guys,

I wanted to knit a document and I can't because I am missing the Digest package.
Before I updated rStudio and R, I had set the following at the beginning of the markdown:
``{r, echo=FALSE}
knitr::opts_chunk$set(error = TRUE)

Everything was still working, but the results were not included in the Word document. After the update I could not even execute the commands. The solution seemed to be easy I should install Digest. But the package is not available for the new version 3.6.

Can you help me or maybe give me an alternative to mosaic (Digest is a part of the package) which allows me to execute the same commands?

Thank you so much for helping Best City

R is case senstive, is it possible you are not installing digest because it is not capitalised i.e. !"Digest" but "digest" ?

This ist autocorrection. Of course I wrote it with small letters only. :smiley:

This is what happens, when I try to install digest.

I just solved it :slight_smile: Thank you. Now I'm back on my first Problem. R does not overwrite the output into the document.

ok, so youre a mac user. so its trying to compile digest for you from source, and it needs xcrun utility in order to attempt this (which may or may not work).
alternatively try getting a binary from this repo

 install.packages("digest", repo = 'https://mac.R-project.org')

info from technocrat's earlier solution:

I just solved it like that. Thank you :slight_smile:

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ok, so you have solved your package issue. thats good.
Can you provide a reprex that will show clearly a simple example of what you try do that doesnt work ?

When I want to knitr into a word document, I get the following error message. I don't understand this, since he actually finds the object. The data can be analyzed quite normally in the Markdown. Only when I want to knitr r that the file cannot be found.

So if you do ls()
The 'verk... thing' is somewhere in the results?

Yes, it's the name of the data frame.

Without a reprex or an idea of the code in the markdown script that is the pipeline for insuring the verk data is available I'm at a loss how to help you. Sorry.

I don't know what you mean, when you say reprex. Could you explain what you need? I uploaded 2 Excelfiles, which are called like verk.. Is that what you meant?

Please take a moment to read and consider the value of trying this. This information will help you in the longterm.
(It's easier to read if you follow the link than read in this preview box)

that is what came out with reprex


Bildschirmfoto 2020-02-13 um 22.03.52

There are 3 steps.

  1. prepare minimal example dataset(s)
  2. prepare minimal example code
  3. use reprex to a) check that 1 and 2 are right
    b) make easy to share by paste code here

Please can you tell me have done part 1 ok? Any issues ? Part 2 ? Any issues ?
At what step are things getting complicated for you?

Have you tried to do simple test case?. For example Make a brand new rmarkdown script, get iris or mtcars dataset and knit that ?

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