Difficulty connecting to Databricks

Difficulty connecting to Databricks, I get the following error (I have deliberately removed my token from the screenshot, but even with that passed, the error is the same). Not sure if I am passing the parameters via url in the correct format.
Screenshot 2024-06-27 at 1.14.07 PM|531x436

Hi @R24 ! Are you also providing your Databricks URL, as well as your token? You can save it in your R environment by substituting the URL in the snippet below, running it, and restarting RStudio:

Sys.setenv("DATABRICKS_HOST" = "your-databricks-host.com")

Thanks @ivelasq3 maybe this is where I have failed. I was attempting to pass them via the url and then later attempted to save the parameters in a .renviron file, but maybe this was in the wrong library in posit cloud?

This is the first time I am attempting this, so any further guidance is welcome!

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