Different R and RStudio capabilities - RStudio does not have cairo TRUE and does not plot

I have had troubles with RStudio capabilities. After installing a ton of libraries (Ubuntu 16.04) I have configured and made (with ./configure, make, and make install) R using a tarball from CRAN (3.5.0). R terminal seems to work fine, and has all the capabilities I need (gives TRUE for png and cairo, betweem others). However, with RStudio (installed with dpkg) the capabilities are different.

How comes Rstudio has different capabilities than R (RStudio points to the R that works fine, the only one currently installed)?

How can I make RStudio have the capabilities I need (otherwise it gives an error saying that cannot find an X11 font and will not plot)?


Can you provide the exact output of capabitilies() in each environment (terminal R vs. R in RStudio) just so we know what you're seeing?

Can you also post the code you're running and the exact error message you're seeing, just so we understand what exactly the error is?

You can also try running this command from the terminal to see what flags were passed to R on configure:

R -e "writeLines(head(readLines(R.home('etc/Makeconf')), n = 8))"

As an example, I have (splitting each argument by line for readability)