Different colors on different autolayers

Hi everyone!

I just reached another level of impossible. The following code plots forecasts from two models on the same plot as the original series:

autoplot(var_set[, "one"]) + 
  autolayer(var_predict) +

The autolayers each plot three graphs: forecast, upper bound, lower bound. Right now, the upper bound becomes "red" for both layers, and the lower bound becomes green for both layers. I want bounds to have the same color depending on the layer. Autoplot does not seem to have a color argument, but only provides the possibility to specify "color guides" and "scale colours". I just don get how to solve the problem here.

Any ideas?

You'll probably get few takers without a a reprex see the FAQ because most peeps who know about R have internalized the lazy evaluation paradigm and don't want to reverse engineer the problem in addition to suggesting a solution.

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