Difference between shiny server and R servers

Hi All,
I have minimal knowledge on servers. I have designed an shiny app with few reports. Retrieving the files from my desktop. Which means my my files are in the shiny server right.

  • I am planning to add more reports with large data. So wondering my app slows down while retrieving the large amount of data. How much amount of data shiny server holds.
  • I deployed my app to the R server. Does that mean Shiny server is in the R server?
  • In future when I deploy it with larger data do i need to increase the R server size. How does that reflect to shiny server.
  • Is there any other option to speed up my shiny app

Thank you

That doesn't depend on shiny-server but on the computational resources available in the physical server (or the resources made available to you in a cloud computing service if that is your case).

A server can run more than one service and for running shiny-server you need to have R installed in the system but your question is not clear. Can you clarify?

If your application requires more computational power, then yes, you need to "increase" your server but that is a simplistic view of the problem, there are many factors to consider when scaling up a deployment.

Possibly, but we can't give you any specific advice without knowing the specifics of your app and your deployment setup.

Thank you. This helps

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