Difference between running on Rstudio or Online (Shiny)

Friends, sorry if it's a general question. However I have a question regarding the app hosted online (shinyapps.io). I am doing a study, whose database is relatively large. This app has several filters, to make different combinations. For Rstudio, the app makes the functionalities, even taking a certain time. I hosted this app on shinyapps.io. However, depending on the combination of filters, the site gives error (Disconnected from the server). Why does it happen? Because in RStudio it works. Is it due to the limitations of shinyapps.io? If this app were hosted on another server, could it be resolved ??
I did not insert the app here because it is very large, but I believe that by answering these questions above, I will already have a sense of the main reason.

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you should check your applications logs for error messages.
either through the shinapps.io management console, or in your console with

Thanks for the answer. I did a simulation at this moment on the site, and I saw it now through the logs of shinyapps.io. See the attached image. When it went wrong, I checked the logs, I believe the last message is Out of memory. If so, could you explain why? Since in Rstudio it works.

Thank you!

you have more memory available to you on your own PC than has been allotted to you on shinyapps.io
It might be possible to upgrade your account to get more memory allocated, or figure out if you could run your process with less memory

Update the account you say regarding those plans Starter Plan, Basic Plan .... ??? Find out if you can run your process with less memory, how is this possible ??? Thank you so much!

you can start by profiling your memory useage.
some resources:
for the platform look here for 'instance types'

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