Difference between named user and anonymous user - price


right now i am using Rstudio Connect free trial version as POC. And i want to ask you - what is the difference between named user and anonymous user ? If i paid the basic program of Rstudio Connect - for 100 named user, what does it mean ? It means, that i can have at most 100 registered user ? Or maximum users who can use shiny app is 100 users ?

And what about anonymous user ? It is every unregistered user ?

And if i have paid for 100 named user, how can i scale application ? I am scaling application against named user, or also anonymous user ? For example, if i set 30 R process, and i have 10 connection per process, and if e.g for every R process are 5 anonoymous users, and 5 named users, and if I have reach limit of users, and the next user is anonymous/named, my shiny application will not work ?


Thanks for your interest in RStudio Connect and your question!

The following support article explains how named users and anonymous users work in Connect, especially with respect to the number of concurrent connections to Shiny apps:

Let us know if that clears up your questions.