difference between boxplot graph and visreg

Hi. I am trying to make graphs of a linear model I made that contains 1 numeric and 1 factor variable. I created a scatter plot with a fitted line between the dependent and the independent numeric variable and a boxplot between the dependent and the independent factor variable and I also run the visreg function for my model. Although the graph for the numeric looks the same with the visreg graph (except the grey areas) however the boxplot is completely different from the visreg graph for the same variables. The dependent variable values are only a part of the ones showing in the boxplot. For example if the values in the boxplot extend from 0 to 5 in the visreg they extend from 3 to 4. I am new in this so if someone could explain why it would be great.

Can you supply code and sample data? It can be difficult to troubleshoot as issue without so manipulable materials

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