did all connections just dropped for a few minutes?

Just had a situation, all my users got a "trying to connect"

In my application's dashboard I saw a sudden drop on all connections.
I restarted the application but not sure what just happened

did anyone else had this issue?


Ok, just happened again

It disconnects all users for no reason

I am pretty sure you're capping out memory and that is why all users are getting disconnected. You can see that you cap out on that single screenshot (I can't see max but it should be max).

Umm the instance size is 4Gb (2x Large) , that memory peak is at 2.5Gb
with these settings. Should I increase something?

Can you post a larger graph? Can you give more context about what your app does? How many people are using it? How large a session is etc?

The app connects with some amazon services (RDS and S3) and creates a report
a session can be of several minutes , maybe an hour

Actually, there weren't that many users at that moment (it was about 8:30am here)
it was brief, it came back relatively quick

Last week something similar happened (in our afternoon) with about 5 active users
in that moment I restarted the instance