Dictionary not working properly

Since I now write my papers in Quarto using Rstudio, I need German spellchecking. I installed additional dictionaries as outlined here - everything is where it should be (i.e. in ~/.config/rstudio/dictionaries/languages-system/, I use a MacBook).
Additionally, I set up a custom dictionary with words specific for my fields of research and purposes.

However, I get a lot of misspelling indications, particularly (if not exclusively?) for words containing umlaute like ä - ü - ö. Even very common words are not recognised. Sometimes strange replacements are suggested, i.e. häufig -> häufig. To me this indicates some sort problem related to formatting of characters in the dictionaries.

I already reset Rstudio desktop state as outlined here (it was suggested in relation to another problem with dictionaries in Rstudio in this thread) - no change.

Has anyone a solution for this problem or experienced something similar?

Did you also

deleted .rstudio-desktop, .config/RStudio, but not .config/rstudio

and is UTF-8 your document’s encoding?

Just had the same problem.

  • Adding the .aff and .dic - files for de_DE-1901 to ~/.config/rstudio/dictionaries/languages-system/,
  • setting de_DE-1901 as the main language in RStudio-Options and
  • restarting RStudio

solved the problem.


I just did, what you recommended: deleted .rstudio-desktop (there was no .config/RStudio). No change.

Regarding, if my doc is UTF-8:
I don't know if this is necessary, since it was greated with RStudio (actual built). The check it, I open my quarto doc in BBEdit, where it is displayed to be UTF-8.

I suppose this is not or does not cause the problem, since on my other MacBook at work I don't have the problem outlined above. Only to be sure that there is no issue with RStudio on the MacBook where the problem occurs, I completely uninstalled RStudio (including the .config and .local/share folders and all other files stored on this machine using CleanMyMac), re-installed and made a completely new setup - no change.

I installed and set the dictionary using RStudio prefs, because the dictionaries available there are what I need.

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