diacritics messing with Rstudio's citation function

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New here but couldn't find this specific question. I am using the citations function new to the visual editor in conjunction with Zotero.

It creates automatic citekeys from the entries in the zotero database, creates its own bib file and then uses that to build the tex document. So far, so incredibly convenient.

The only issue comes when citing an author with a diacritic in their name, for example here:


Something goes wrong with the cite key and i am left with the characteristic (?) in the resulting pdf.

Rstudio is version 1.4.1717 and Zotero is the latest beta update.

Happy to try to provide the MWE if needed!

Incidentally, I am sure it is the diacritic because when I change "Gödel" to simply "Godel" in Zotero, and then have RStudio create a new citekey based on the new "Godel" author, the citation works properly.

Can you try again with last Preview version or daily version of RStudio ?

And if you can reproduce I would open an issue in RStudio IDE github issue board.

Hi there! I have tried with the latest daily build and the problem comes up again. I will try the issue board/

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