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Hi all,

@hadley says that one can include a .R file in your package to have a help page for the entire package (R Packages (2e) - 16  Function documentation).

But, if I include the code provided there or follow the approach dplyr takes ( + dplyr/DESCRIPTION at main · tidyverse/dplyr · GitHub), I end up with two pages in the 00index.html of my package documentation. One is called like the package, the other is package-package:


What should happen (at least if I look at the dplyr 00index.html) is that I have a single .Rd that is separated from the package functions at the top of my index :


I could not come up with a minimal reproducible example - if it helps the code for the package is on:


Know that in dplyr index page, you also have two files. In section for letter D you will also find the dplyr package help page.

the only difference is that you don't have the letters links in the index, probably because you do not have a lot of functions... but that is to be confirmed.

This is correct behaviour — every alias appears in the index. We need two aliases here so that both (eg) ?dplyr and package?dplyr work.

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