devtools::check path to "00check.log" "00install.out"

I am running devtools::check. How do I get the path to log files created when running it.
According to this stack overflow post

check() should return the path to the temp directory used to run the checks. I tried it but check() does not seem to return a thing when the check Errors.

If you are trying retrieve the error messages I would suggest you call detools::check() with error_on = "never", and then use the result$errors field to retrieve the check errors.

See the documentation for rcmdcheck::rcmdcheck() and for more details on use the check results programmatically.

I did run

result <- devtools::check(error_on = "never")

but then

> result
Error: object 'result' not found

devtools version 2.3.2

Will try rcmdcheck directly.

And just tried rcmdcheck to the same effect. Can't get a result.

> result <- rcmdcheck::rcmdcheck(error_on = "never")


  SUMMARY: processing the following files failed:
     'Auxiliary_prolfquaAbstract_BioC2021.Rmd' 'Comparing2Groups.Rmd'
   Error: Vignette re-building failed.
   Execution halted
Error in proc$get_built_file() : Build process failed
> result
Error: object 'result' not found

Your error is occuring when Vignettes are built. This happens when building the package, not checking which is why the error_on argument had no effect.

If your vignettes can't be built for whatever reason you can use devtools::check(vignettes = FALSE) to suppress building and checking vignettes.

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