Developing HIPAA Compliant App in Shiny?

We want to use Shiny to create a mental health app that will be used in a Psychology Clinic housed in a university. Based on a post on March 23, 2016, I understand that Shinyapps has "made no specific effort to ensure is HIPAA compliant" and, at least then, was "not currently on the 12-18 month roadmap to do so."

Two questions. First, is this still the case? Second, if one develops an app using Shiny, and develops it such that it meets recommendations for HIPAA compliance, is this satisfactory?

I'm an academic and we just don't have the funds to purchase our own Shiny Server Pro on AWS's HIPAA compliant infrastructure. Thanks for any help in advance! is not running on a HIPAA compliant stack and this is still not on the current roadmap.
Our current recommendation remains to host your own server that meets the security needs of your organization.