Develop Shiny application using fbOAuth function for access to facebook

Hello ,, I went to devolop shiny application ..using possword uri ??
my application must connect to the API graph so i get this code to Ask Facebook for access authentication:slight_smile:

fboauth <- fbOAuth(appid,appsecret)

R open a browser window to sign the token. everything works well, i get a message that says you can return to R. and my application stop running ...
how can I develop my shiny application with fbOAuth function

@daattali has an example on how to login to Shiny with Facebook here:

Note that code is very old and likely doesn't work anymore. Facebook is notorious (or at least used to be back in my webdev days) for changing their API frequently and 2 year old code often doesn't work. But it can be a good starting point :slight_smile: