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Dear RStudio community

I am newbie and by trying removing from RStudio the folders imported in the program (not even sure why that happened), all the files on my desktop disappeared. I am on a Mac and there are no traces of the disappeared files and folders in the bin.

Can anyone suggest a way to recover these files?

Thank you in advance

This is not related to R or RStudio, I think you would have better luck asking this on a MacOS related forum.

Thank you for the prompt reply. I will surely try that, although if you can wipe your entire desktop from Rstudio, there should be something described also in here.

RStudio has a file browser panel, there you can delete files as you would do with any other file browser, but if you decide to delete all your files, R doesn't have a way to prevent that or revert it, that functionality would correspond to your operating system.

It is very odd that a program can do in one click what on a Mac and PC it takes two: moving a file in the bin and then emptying it.

That is not a RStudio specific behavior, the file browser is just an interface to your operating system file management functionalities, if I delete a file on Rstudio it would go to the trash can, unless I modify that behavior by changing a setting or by pressing Ctrl while deleting the file (on windows, I'm not a Mac user).

What I have done was to select the folders that for no apparent reasons were imported in Rstudio and, as that was not the intended outcome I have tried to delete the imported folders, thinking they were just copies of the original. Instead, by deleting the folders, the files into them and the original on the desktop have been wiped.

In the capture, you can see the tree of the folders, but they are empty.


Again, the file browser pane is just an interface, anything you do there has the same effect as if you have done it on your operating system file browser. If you want to recover your deleted files, search for help recovering files on MacOS, I can't give you any specific advice about that since I'm not a Mac user but at least for Windows there are a lot of recovery softwares out there on the internet.

As a note, what you are seen on that pane are not files that have been imported into RStudio, they are just files in your system, like you would see with any other file browser on any other program.

That is clear. What it´s not is how Rstudio can wipe permanently files like one cannot even on a Mac/Pc if not by deliberately emptying the bin

Again, it's not an RStudio specific behavior, if that is an option on MacOS (on windows it is) then you can do it frome RStudio file browser, but you could have done it from any other file browser.

Most likely you have unintentionally pressed and additional key resulting on this unwanted behavior.

That is not at all the case. I have "only" pressed the delete button after having selected the folders. Thank you for trying to help . Hope someone has a solution.

Hello, maybe you can also use a third party tool to recover your deleted files, as there are so many choices, I think you can use the Bitwar Data Recovery, it's free to use and does well in recovering data. Hope it can do something for you,

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