Designate lines of code to run in development mode

Suggestion for a new feature in RStudio: "Toggle" lines of code to run in development mode.

Use Case: I am developing code and have many diagnostic type commands within the code - that check out data, say using head(), glimpse(), or that produces interim graphs - so that I can check out that my code is running correctly. Perhaps some of these commands take a while to run.

But, if I am generally happy with the code and want to run whole blocks of code, say from line 1 to my current line (say using ctrl+alt+B), my diagnostic commands throughout the code will run again, slowing down the process. I could go back and comment out all my diagnostics, but then if I want them back I have to uncomment them.

Would there be a way to click/toggle a button in RStudio that would skip over designated (diagnostic) code? Perhaps the diagnostic code lines could be prefixed with "*" so that RStudio can know which lines to skip when the button is depressed.

Thank you.

IMHO something like this would be better expressed directly in code, with e.g.

# toggle flag as needed
verbose <- FALSE

if (verbose)

If you wanted, you could create an RStudio Addin to e.g. toggle the 'verbose' flag as needed before executing your code.


Hi Kevin thanks for the response! But in that case for every diagnostic command I type would have to prefix it with "if (verbose) ..." I was hoping there could be a simple button toggle and maybe a simple special (1) character prefix in front of diagnostic code, such as * head(). Currently, I have a global variable that I set, and a common diagnostic function runs, or doesn't run, depending on whether I set the global variable to 'y' or 'n' (like as you suggested) but this only works for functions that I have written that check for the global variable toggle, not for simple glimpse()'s for example.

You could use a special comment marker at the end of the line; e.g.

glimpse(object)  #*

and then write an addin that finds lines ending with this marker, and toggles them 'on' or 'off' (commenting or uncommenting them appropriately).

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Thanks! I would need to figure out how to write an add-in... but I'm always willing to learn...