DESeq2 RNA Sequencing

Hello. I am currently trying to analyze a set of data to determine differentially expressed genes. The data that was given to me has already been ran through DESeq2, so now I am unsure of how to format it to create heatmaps and other graphics. I was given the gene id, baseMean, baseMean1_WT, baseMean2_KO, FC_WT_vs_KO, log2FCWT_vs_KO, log2FCabs, pval, padj, WT_rpkm, KO_rpkm, and maxSampleRPKM. If anybody has any ideas of what do to, I would much appreciate it.

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You could fine more information and help in Bioconductor project. And select the best libraries for you.

The data you have is the result of the statistical tests. You can easily use it for a Volcano plot, but that's about it: it does not contain the individual replicates.

If you want to make a heatmap showing the replicates, you need to contact whoever ran the initial analysis and get the actual dataset.

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