DescTools Addin - Kbd Shortcut keys suddenly stopped working in Rstudio Console Panel

DescTools is a wonderful pkg!.
Long-time user here.

But suddenly,
the Rstudio Kbd Shortcut keys associated with:
Head(), Str(), etc
stopped working in the Rstudio Console Panel...
(They DO work ok
if used in the Source Panel
but I need them to work in the Console Panel!...).

A simple description
of the sudden problem:

In my Rstudio Tools / Kbd Shortcuts ,
I have defined:
Head .... CTRL+h ..... Addin

1) In my Rstudio Console Panel ,
I hilite (ctrl-A or w/mouse):


2) I then press the keys:

  • CTRL+h
    The message:
    "No selection!"
    appears above the hilited "iris" text.

This always used to work just fine before...

But, this alternative way works ok :

1) In my Rstudio Source Panel ,
I open a new temporary RScript:

2) I type: iris in the Rscript and
hilite (ctrl-A or w/mouse) :


3) I then press the keys:

It works fine!.
The Head(iris) result
is shown ok in the Console Panel (below the Source Panel).

This always worked ok before,
in the Rstudio Console Panel itself.

Just typing CTRL+H on an hilited DF
would show the head() result in the past!
...a very convenient kbd shortcut!.

Using the Rstudio "Addins" menu option:
on the hilited "iris" ( in the Console Panel ),
also returns:
"No selection!".

It's driving me nuts...HELP!.

San Francisco

R 3.6.3
Rstudio 1.3.959 (latest...I updated a few days ago)
Ubuntu LINUX 18.04 64bits.
DescTools Addin 1.7

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