Descriptions for endpoints in Swagger for Plumber API

The documentation for Plumber endpoint block annotations states the following about comments without an annotation:

First line without annotation will be mapped to Summary field subsequent lines will be mapped to Description field.

I would like to add a more elaborate description for my endpoint, but the result is not as I expected. There does not seem to be a distinction between summary and description.


#* @apiTitle Plumber Example API
#* @apiDescription Plumber example description.

#* This is the summary.
#* This should be a description (if I understand correctly). 
#* @param msg The message to echo
#* @get /echo
function(msg = "") {
    list(msg = paste0("The message is: '", msg, "'"))

Running this API results in the following in the Swagger UI:

I would expect the description (highlighted in yellow) to end up on the location marked in red. Am I misunderstanding the documentation or not applying it correctly? Or is this a bug in Plumber?

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