descriptionBlock in bs4Dash

Is it possible for descriptionBlock to take a stored value as a number similar to what can be done in a Flexdashboard valueBox. For example,

                width = 4,
                  text = "Attendance above 90%",
                  number = "`r on_track_breakdown_attendance`", #a way to accept a value that changes daily
                  numberColor = "success",
                  header = "Attendance",
                  rightBorder = TRUE,
                  marginBottom = FALSE

Not totally sure I follow, can't you use the number argument in bs4Dash descriptionBlock() function in a very similar way you used it with with valueBox? The value in number in descriptionBlock would refer to text or a number defined in a reactive variable by your Shiny app.

I am trying to determine if I can update a number in the descriptionBlock (since the number updates daily in my data). My question is...Is there a way to update the number on the server side so that it updates the UI? It's not exactly similar to a valueBox in a Flexdashboard, but I can update a valueBox daily in a Flexdashboard with r abc data because its a markdown document. I'm trying to figure out if there is something equivalent in Shiny using a descriptionBlock.

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